Break Free - Stop Smoking

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Are you sick & tired of being a slave to smoking?
Are you ready to take back control & eliminate the smoking habit?

Using this self hypnosis audio program will help you BREAK FREE from your desire to smoke and give you your power back.

This BREAK FREE- STOP SMOKING program will:
* Release the desire to smoke
* Create a negative association to the tobacco habit
* Remove your triggers to smoke
* Create a healthier mindset
* Boost will power
* Eliminate cravings & urges to smoke
Empower you to become a NON-SMOKER for the rest of  your life!

All of this without cravings, withdrawal or negative side-effects.

Simply listen to the audio download in the comfort of you own home with or without headphones.  Close your eyes, relax and allow your mind to make the adjustments to break free of the habit.

After 30 minutes you will feel relaxed and empowered as a NON-SMOKER for the rest of your life.


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