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Enjoy the benefits of hypnosis from the comfort of your home. As you listen to these audio programs you will be guided into a wonderful state of empowerment & relaxation.

Includes 12 audio programs & self hypnosis background music

  1. Healthy Choices- Weight Management
  2. Mind Massage - Stress Management
  3. Pain Less - Pain Management
  4. Think Thin Quick Start
  5. Think Think Bonus track
  6. Metabolism Booster
  7. Excercise Motivation
  8. Romantic Hypnosis
  9. Break Free - Stop Smoking
  10. Special Place Relaxation
  11. Super Sexy Self Confidence  
  12. Self Confidence Affirmations 



BONUS features includes: 

PDF Instructional guide to hypnosis

3 hours of Live Seminar audio recordings from, 

Hypnosis Revealed Lecture & Weight Management Lecture

Slideshow notes from,

Hypnosis Revealed: Learn to secrets to your subconscious mind  

Expand Your Mind & Shrink Your Body: Weight Management Program 

Simple Self Hypnosis 


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